Walli’s Welt

February 2021
The problem

75% of the children in Germany at the age of 9 years own a smartphone. They mostly spend their time comsuming videos on streaming platforms and playing games. Typically they spend more than three hours a day doing this, these numbers have grown a lot during the COVID 19 pandemic.

This behaviour has a strong impact on a child‘s development and it often leads to physical and psychological diseases and a damaged child-parent relationship.

Our approach

We worked in a team of three on this project entirely for three months for the Bachelor thesis. We spent a third of our time with research, another third on the concept design and the last third on the realisation of the concept.

To approach the problem we had to break it down into smaller pieces to find a space to develop an effective solution. Instead of locking away entertaining apps or demonizing the smartphone, we decided that we will find a way to use the smartphone as development furthering tool.

We created analogue collecting cards and an App. The collecting cards can be purchased in packs of four anywhere where regular collecting cards can be found (e.g. supermarkets, kiosks, etc.). Each of them is different, they can be collected or traded. The children are guided by the squirrel Walli.

Collecting Cards


The Packaging tells a little story about the squirrel Walli.

Walli's Welt Verpackung

We created a variety of different cards that offer all kinds of experiences. They are categorized by color into four…



For each collecting card, different tools are integrated into the sequence. In this way, we create a tangible use case of these tools for the children. This is the core of our hybrid product, as the experience of the trading card would not be feasible without the smartphone and its different tools. This allows the child to experience the smartphone’s functions playfully.

The weekly review

To learn something sustainably, it needs to be repeated. So, once a week, children are encouraged to reflect on what they learned so far.

The board game

When the cards are flipped, children can play a board game that is moderated by the smartphone. This encourages social interaction which is, according to experts, the most effective antidote for overconsumption.

This project offers an alternative to the existing Apps for children that actively encourages physical experiences. It doesn’t solve the problem of children‘s overconsumption on smartphones. It combines the tools of the smartphone with development-furthering experiences.

🏆 Award

At the online exhibition of the HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend we got scouted by the Start-up campaign goHfG. We received a goCard, which enables us to take part in a start-up workshop to continue working on our product.


Our Bachelor thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Barnhöfer and Ludwig Kannich.


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