April 2020

This is a virtual gallery space, randomly displaying an image from the Instagram account, offering it for sale. The price for the image is generated by an algorithm, based on the numbers of followers and the follows of the account as well as the likes and comments of the image.

Through the algorithm, the price is solely depending on popularity and attention. This is meant to critically mirror common pricing policies in the art scene and should open your eyes towards our follow-the-herd society.

The Algorithm

The price is composed of a Follow-Value and an Image-Value multiplied by an Image-Popularity.

The Follow-Value is calculated by the difference between followers and follows in percentages and multiplied with the number of followers.

The Image-Value is calculated by adding the number of posts, the likes and the comments of the selected image. While each parameter is differently valued. The number of posts is multiplied by 0.25 because this number doesn’t play a big role, it’s just to use it as a time-effort-index. The number of comments is multiplied by two.

The Image-Popularity is build out of the likes of the selected image in proportion with the most liked image of this account.

Simulated Location: Leipzig, Germany

The Gallery

The building is self-designed in Cinema 4D and has semi-transparent ceiling lights. During the day the building is illuminated by daylight, in the evening and at night by artificial light.

Top 5 donations

The top 5 pictures of the gallery I sell on UNISON, a non-profit marketplace for creative works. 100% of the profits from sales will be donated. As part of the black lives matter movement, i donate all profits to the Organisation The Marshall Project.

See the project

Unfortunately the website is currently not available because Instagram changed their API Guidelines.

Project Info

This is a self initialised project by Ferdinand Sorg during the lockdown in spring 2020.


On the 27th June 2020 the project was shown at the “ZEIGEN! Kurztagung zum Austausch über künstlerische Arbeiten und Praxis” organised by “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

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