clay typeface

September 2020

I was sick of shifting accuracy pixels for creating a new typeface. So I decided to do some handcrafted work and involve a material that responses to pressure and movements. I interacted with clay and together with its haptic and consistency new shapes were created.

Work in progress

Burning the letters

Luckily around the corner of my flat in Leipzig, there is a lovely woman with a clay manufacture studio. She was so kind as to help me burn the clay. It requires temperatures around 1000°C in the oven to make the clay strong enough.

Könneritzstraße, Leipzig

Digitalizing the 3D-Model

After the handcrafted part of creating letters out of a lump of clay and burning it, I moved on to the digital part. With the help of an iOS App called Qlone, I scanned every single letter to add them to 3D Software.

First renderings

The big advantage of a 3D Object is, to change the material real quick. The first try was a glass material with simulated sunlight during the day.

2D Clay Typeface

From the outlines of the 3d objects I rendered the 2d surface which I then converted into a functional typeface.
You can try out the font here…

This project is not finished yet. In the future, I want to experience a lot more materials and browser implementation.

Project Info

This is a self initialised project by Ferdinand Sorg over the summer of 2020.

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