Alphabet Plastique

August 2021,
Installation at RAUM on 25.-27. March 2022

Idea and Moodboard

During a research about Art Nouveau fonts I got attention to Auguste Herbin and his work.

After the wide variety of different styles August Herbin dedicated himself to cubism. His latest work was the “Alphabet Plastique”.

I want to bring the analogue idea of the alphabet in an interactive, digital experience.


Because of the little documentation about the Alphabet Plastique I tried to build a dataset of the digital color tones by myself.

First I translated the french color names into English and matched it automatically with the standard CSS color names. The color names which are not in the CSS color list got added manually.


The Shapes are simple SVGs, which I can generate, manipulate and animate.


To display the notes I used a typeface called MusiQwik by Robert Allgeyer.

With the help of the Tone.js Library I was able to play sounds with a variety of different instruments.

Installation at Waldbaden Festival 2021

I had the chance to install my Alphabet Plastique work at the “Waldbaden Festival” in July 2021. Unfortunately I missed taking proper images/videos, because the festival was so nice. I’m sorry!

Installation at RAUM 2022

On the Weekend of 25.-27. March 2022 I exhibited the installation at RAUM in Wackernheim, Germany. RAUM is a creative festival with workshops, talks and exhibitions on all kind of creative work.

Project Info

This is a self initialised project by Ferdinand Sorg in 2021.

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