Ferdinand Sorg is a freelance designer and developer who works for international clients. Engaged in contemporary websites and experimental brandings.


Services in
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Creative Development
What else I like…
  • Creative Coding
  • Experimental Typefaces
  • Photography
  • Interactive Installations

Full CV on request

03/2021 – current

Self-employed interactive media designer and artist

10/2017 – 02/2021

Bachelor in Interaction Design
at Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd

09/2012 – 08/2015

Vocational training as a media designer for digital and print
at Leuz Kommunikation, Mannheim


  1. My ambition is always to create something never seen before.
  2. I accept 50 percent of my assignments out of conviction and 50 percent for financial reasons.
  3. The attitude of my professional environment must correspond to the general social consensus of ethics.
  4. The uncertainty of being self-employed is my motivation to achieve the best possible result.
  5. I only work with people who share my values and have a certain expertise.
  6. Creative work I do in the evening hours, logical work I do in the early morning hours.
  7. I work on organisational tasks every morning, if possible in less than an hour.
  8. Every seven years I change my professional activity.
  9. The start and end of work are indicated by a ritual.
  10. This manifesto is not valid.

Updated: 12.03.2020

I wrote my Manifesto down in a Workshop by Victoria Kure-Wu and Kati Szilágyi about “How designers pay their rent. Or: the fun of going to work“.